Services include Edge to Edge quilting, All Over, Custom, Trapunto Quilting, & Binding
I use the AMERICAN Professional Quilting System,  Hand-Guided APQS-Millenium

There is a $50.00 Minimum for edge to edge quilting and a $65.00 Minimum for custom
quilting, no matter the size. Heirloom will be quoted by job.
Find more pricing information on the PRICES page.
Allow me to be your creative consultant or we can talk about any specific ideas you may have.

Services and Quilt Preparation

  • ​There is a flat $10. thread charge per quilt  and a $15 fee and up for speciality thread (ie metallic thread) per quilt.
  •  Customer may bring their own thread, but not all threads work in my machine​. I do have many to choose from.
  •  Top and bottom edges of quilt and backing must be straight and squared and selvages should be trimmed off at all seams.
​ •  Customers should supply their own pieced and pressed backing​.
  •  There is a $10.00 charge per seam to prep the backing for you.
  • The batting and backing should be at least 4" bigger than the quilt on ALL sides.
  • Bear Paw MQ has BATTING in stock, usually 80/20 Hobbs, and more. Please inquire.
  • I also provide BASTING SERVICES if you want to hand or machine quilt your own
    quilt. It will cost .006 cents per inch and there is a minimum charge of $50.
  • Quilter will not be responsible for quilting problems due to piecing problems that
    occurred on the quilt top (ie wavey borders may cause tucks, pleats and/or puckers, ETC.)
  • If your finished quilt is entered into any show, the quilt owner will give due credit to the
  • Please be prepared to pay by check or cash only.​
  • ​​




To determine how many inches of binding you will need for your completed quilt, add the width and the length together and mulitple it by 2. Add about 12 inches for turning corners and overlapping the ends.